March 2014 Meeting Recap

Once again, we took to the Atrium at Websense to discuss system administration on Thursday, March 27, 2014. We had our largest attendance yet, with 21 people coming to the meeting (4 were new this month).

This month our presentation topic was “Intro to Performance Analysis” by Chris “Mac” McEniry (he’s provided his slides publicly on Slideshare). He talked about a number of performance tools that some present were already familiar with, but he introduced a framework for performance analysis & troubleshooting that was new to many of us: Brendan Gregg’s USE Method: classifying performance metrics as signifying either Utilization, Saturation, or Errors. (For further details, check out Gregg’s book, to which Mac repeatedly referred during his talk.)

Next month’s meeting will be at the same bat time, same bat venue (6PM, Websense Atrium), on Thursday, April 24, 2014. Ben Peterson will be talking to us about “Getting Started with Windows PowerShell: A Practical How-To.” Here’s his synopsis:

Windows PowerShell is becoming a necessary part of Windows Systems Administration. It’s required to manage newer versions of SharePoint and Exchange, and is increasingly recommended to manage aspects of desktop and server administration. It is Microsoft’s answer to the power and versatility of the Linux/Unix command line interface.

Join us if you have a basic understanding of using a command line – maybe you’ve worked with a batch file before, have stumbled through a .vbs script or are an avid bash user. You will be led through everything you need to get started with PowerShell.

I’m looking forward to seeing some implementations of this powerful CLI and scripting language for Windows. Hope to see many more of you there!

(As always, you can find more details or RSVP to the meeting on Meetup.)


I studied music theory in college, and I approach most everything with a theoretical and analytical bent. These days I work as a Systems Engineer, managing computers and networks for a network security company.

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