February 2015 Meeting Recap

On the evening of February 26, 2015, a handful of local system administrators gathered at the Sorrento Valley offices of Sony Computer Entertainment to hear about best practices in configuration management and to discuss what went down at the 13th annual Southern California Linux Expo.

To get things started, N.J. Thomas presented a list of best practices he has compiled around configuration management. The list was generic, applying equally well to all of the available configuration management systems currently popular with DevOps- and SysAdmin-types. Thomas has been kind enough to provide the slides he used for his presentation.

Configuration Management & Best Practices

Summarized here, those practices are,

  1. Use Configuration Management
  2. Use Version Control
  3. Use A Validation Testing Suite
  4. Use A Code Review Tool
  5. Use your CM’s Templating Facilties
  6. Use Your CM for Provisioning
  7. Use Your CM for Automated Monitoring
  8. Use Your CM for DevOps

For more details about this list, see the linked presentation. If you’d like to start a discussion about them, please leave a comment or send mail to the list.

Potential Meeting Topics

Following the presentation and discussion, the group compiled a list of topics that they would like to hear about at a future meeting. This list consisted of, but is not limited to,

  • Software customization
  • Firewalld
  • Systemd
  • Logging & monitoring
  • Vendor success stories
  • Virtual machine bake-off
  • IaaS bake-off
  • OpenStack (beyond Nova)
  • Reports from the field (data center setup, WAN configuration, etc.)

If you have other suggestions or are interested in talking about something yourself, leave a comment or send mail to the list.

Next Meeting

On Thursday, March 26, 2015 at 6:00 P.M., we will meet again at the SCEA offices. Chris “Mac” McEniry will give us a taste of what the Go programming language looks and feels like. Keep an eye on the Meetup page for any updates, and please remember to RSVP (on the Meetup page, on the list, or in the IRC channel) so we know to expect you.

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