March 2015 Meeting Recap

Chris "Mac" McInery prepares to give his talk on Go

Chris “Mac” McInery prepares to give his talk on Go

On the evening of March 26, 2015, a handful of local system administrators gathered at the Sorrento Valley offices of Sony Computer Entertainment as Chris “Mac” McEniry showed off the Go language and tool chain.

Go is targeted at system programming and, with its runtime available for numerous platforms (including Plan 9!), it is well suited for the task.

Mac took us on a quick tour of the Go language, explaining its keywords, control structures, and types. He even delved into that special place we refer to as the Live Demo.

The talk was a condensed version of a tutorial that Mac has given at, among other places, OSCON and Cascadia IT.

An incomplete list of resources shared at the end of the presentation include,

Next Meeting

The topic and the venue for our next meeting, scheduled for Thursday, April 23, 2015, are still up in the air. Whatever we do, be it a presentation or a social gathering, is sure to be fun and interesting. So please keep an eye on the Meetup event and RSVP (on Meetup, on the mail list, or in the IRC channel) if you can join us.

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