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February 27, 2014: Git for Sysadmins

Brad Beyenhof is finally going to step out from behind the organizational curtain and give a presentation. He’ll be talking about “Git for Sysadmins,” describing how git is a great version-control tool for all those little scripts & text snippets

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A look back at LOPSA San Diego’s first year

As LOPSA San Diego begins its new life as a full local chapter, it is interesting to look back over the past year to see how we started and what we’ve accomplished, so far. A local LOPSA chapter for San

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LOPSA San Diego goes live!

The LOPSA San Diego chapter began about this time last year (Jan 2013) as a “provisional” chapter of LOPSA. We’ve been having monthly meetings for the past year with tech talks, social gatherings and discussions about what we want this

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